A letter from Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, and others requesting a town hall meeting to consider the Tea Act, 1773.



We the Subscribers ^Freeholders^ in the Town of Boston being justly alarmed at the Reports that the East India Company in London are about Shipping a Cargoe [cargo] or Cargoes of Tea into this [illegible] & the other Colonies [illegible] Esteeming it a Political Plan of the British Administration whereby we have Reason to fear not only that if Trade upon which we Depend for our Subsistence is threatened to be totally Destroyd [destroyed], but what is much more than anything in Life to be Dreaded, the Tribute which is Laid upon the Importation of that Article will be fixed & established and our Liberties which we have been long Struggling for, will be Lost to us & our Posterity—Wherefore we Desire you would Immediately call a Meeting of the Freeholders & Inhabitants of the Town, that their Sense of the Matter may be taken & such ^steps^ be [illegible] as to their Safety & well being shall ascertain

We are with great Regard your Respectfull [respectful] fellow Citizens
Sam Adams
Benja [illegible]
Edward Shorter
Jos Henderson

The Selectmen of the Town of Boston

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Paul Revere
Jno. Pulling
Henry [illegible]
James Horton Londy[?]
John Giill
Tho: Frost
Benja: Kent