The manuscript of Dickinson’s poem beginning “A narrow fellow in the grass,” ca. 1865.

A narrow Fellow
in the Grass
Occasionally rides -
You may have
met him?
Did you not
His notice instant is -
The Grass divides
as with a Comb -
A spotted Shaft
is seen,
And then it closes
at your Feet
And opens
further on -
He likes a
Boggy Acre -
A Floor too
cool for Corn -
But when a
Boy and Barefoot
I more than
once at Noon
Have passed
I thought a
Whip Lash
Unbraiding in the
When stooping
to secure it
It wrinkled
And was gone -
Several of
Nature's People
I know and they
know me
I feel for
them a transport
Of Cordiality
But never met
this Fellow
Attended or
Without a
tighter Breathing
And Zero at
the Bone.