A photograph of a newly-arrived Chinese “refugee” family at Los Angeles Airport, June 12, 1962.

The original photograph description reads: “Members of the Chang family. They are the first Chinese refugee family under the newly-raised immigration quota for refugees from China that arrived to Los Angeles from Hong Kong. The Changs were being sponsored by her mother Mrs. Anna Wong, who has resided in the nation's capital for the past 15 years. From left, rear: Chang Sun Ying, 14; the father Chang, 36, holding 2 year old Chang Shang Ying; the mother Chang Kan Tai, 34, holding 1 year old Chang Lun Ying. Front row: Chang Tse Ying, 9; Chang Li Ying,12; Chang Tse Say, 7; and Chang We Ying, 4. Mr. Chang had been a typist with the U.S. Army Advisory Group in Nanking during WWII, where he gained his hopes for a life of freedom and opportunity at that time. The Chang family will continue on to Washington D.C.”