A letter from Nathaniel Hawthorne to James Russell Lowell about Hawthorne’s potential contribution to the Democratic Review, 1843.

I am greatly troubled about that contribution for Mr. Poe. Hitherto, I have never been accustomed to write during summer weather; and now I find that my thoughts fly out of the open window, and will not be enticed back again. I am compelled, indeed, to write a worthy article for the Democratic, but is with great pain and dolor, and only by the utmost force of self-com-pultion. If I am to read anything to Mr. Poe, I should wish it to be worth his reception; but I am conscious of no power to produce anything good, at present. When you write to him, do make my apologies, and tell him that I have no more brains than a cabbage—which is absolutely true. He shall hear from me after the first frost—possibly sooner. I shall not forget your promised [?]

Truly your friend,

Nath Hawthorne.