A letter from Benjamin Hawkins to Georgia Governor Peter Early discussing the Treaty of Ghent and the end of the war, February 26, 1815.

Camp 115 mile 26 Feby [February] 1815.

yesterday about one O clock I received express from [unclear: Capt.] Limbaugha copy of the despatch from the postmaster genl [general] of 14th announcing the arrival of a treaty of peace. I immediately sent off two runners with the information to the Britishcommandant below. They [unclear: met] a flag of truce [unclear: bringing] information [added: me [deleted: from]] from their admiral of the same import, Two officers Lieuts. one of the navy and the other of the army bore the flag. They brought the 9th act of the treaty only, it being all they had recd. [received] The officers remained with me last evening and returned today. This event yesterday was communicated to [unclear: every] command who fired a feu dejoie, and this morning they paraded in one line the Britishofficers received with [unclear: us] the line and one other feu dejoie was fired. --

I have ordered the regiment to prepare to return, and directed it to be by detachment in various directions to communicate the information to all they may meet with. We are greatly [unclear: crowded] with objects of distress.

From the success of our efforts by sea and land and the character of our negotiators I am satisfied the treaty is honorable for us and that the after scene at New Orleanswinds up the whole gloriously for our National Character throughout Europe. We have ascertained our government can stand the shock of war & that we can do without the aid of Federalism in war and peace Except [Accept] of the congratulations on this happy[unclear: count]

Dear Sir

your obt sert [obedient servant]

[Signed] Benjamin Hawkins

Govr. [Governor] Early

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Letter from Colo. [Colonel] Benjamin Hawkinsdated 26th. February 1815

Indian Affairs

1815 --

Answer written 13th. March 1815.

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Creek Agency March 7 15

His Excellency

Governor Early


By Lt. Lewisof the Spies

Recd. [Received] 8. March