A ca. 1925 letter from the stage act Tolliver & Harris regarding a scheduling problem attributed to legendary blues singer Bessie Smith.




Mr Douglas

Mgr [Manager] Douglas Theatre

Macon Ga. [Georgia]

Dear Sir.

We want to inform you why we are not playing your house this week with the Bessie Smith unit. Last tuesday she aggreed [agreed] to pay our Railroad fare there but at the last minute she refused to do so rather than pay it from the [deleted text: sallm] small salary we were geting [getting] we closed. Now we dont know what she may tell you so we want to be square and that is why we are writeing[writing] you. We will no dout [doubt] pick up your house next week as Mr Revene picks us up at once. As for the reports on the act you may ask Radcliff or Allen & Stokes we have two a no. [number] 1. acts. Hopeing [Hoping] to play you in the near future

We beg to remain

Yours truly

[Signed] Tolliver & Harris