A 1912 postcard from a suffragette discussing her work on state suffrage campaigns.


619 7 NW Washington DC. Dec. 22 '12. Dear Friend - I congratulate you in winning success in Arizona so easily. I worked 6 mos in the campaigns of Oregon, Kansas & Wis [Wisconsin]. My home is Portland, Ore. but I am at above address for the season. Secy of the Federal Women's Equality Assn. I am working for a Bill to enable women in all the states to vote for members of the H of R [House of Representatives]. Have been getting Hon. Vice Pres from the States where women vote & your member & senator Ashurst responded most heartily. Their names will be on our letter-heads. I wish you would join me soon & help us. The fee is $1.00 a year. I saw Laura Gregg at the Convention in Philadelphia with best wishes Sincerely yours, Clara Bewick Colby.