A handwritten list of pictures submitted to the Whitney Galleries by Beauford Delaney, including two oils, four charcoals, and ten pastels.


B. de Laney

List of pictures
Submitted to the Whitney Galleries by Beauford De Laney.
Oils 1 Gertie Sanford [x]
2 Genny " " [x x]
charcoal 1 Harlem chore woman
2 Harlem shop girl
3 Harlem working girl.
4 Italian boy.
Pastels 1 Chinese student [x]
2 Main in brown hat [x]
3 Algerian boy
4 Negro woman in red hat. [x]
5 Harlem boy in gray hat [x]
6 Prince of Wales. X
7 Girl in green dress [x]
8 Woman in gray x [x]
9 Eliza X [x]
10 [illegible] Sparrow [x]
[Girl in pink[?] dress]

[page two]

W. 424 W 5 2.

[Girl in yellow dress
boy in profile]

[note: Text in brackets is written with red pencil.]