A letter from a Massachusetts soldier serving in the Civil War to his wife and children, January 20, 1862.


Camp Baker
January 20 1861 [added: 1862]

Dear wife and children
I Set down to write A few Loynes [lines] to ye Hoping it will find ye In good Health— I aim to Inform you that I have been Sick this two weeks and is not Able to do Any Duty but How I this day Is much Better than usul [usual]. I got a bad Cold and in A[c]count of way of Sleeping we Have Here It turned in to Ap ploerisy [pleurisy] but with the Help of god I will get over it and I I am not giting better nex[t] week I will Try to git Home

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Dear wife you Must Excuse Me for Sending you Such A Small Sum as two dollars which you can get as you got it before by Delivering this Recei[p]t. I would Send $20 more but for fear I would not ^get Better that I Should get A furlow [furlough] to go Home then I would want it. Let Patrick [k]now that I got His Letter Last week and being So sick that I was not Able to write but with the Help[-] of god I will be Able to write to Him next week. Give my Love to Father and All the Family and Remember me to the Children. No More At present for Michael Lally

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Direct your letter as before

Let me [k]now is James Sullivan in Roxbury or Has He the two children with Him I was Dream of them A few nights Ago—