An excerpt from the trail diary of Mormon pioneer William Snow, 1850.

William Snow (1806-1879) traveled from Council Bluffs, Nebraska to Salt Lake City, Utah in 1850 as the captain of a group of ox-drawn wagons. His diary excerpt describes efforts to maintain unity among the group, religious worship along the way, and some deaths due to an outbreak of cholera in the camp.


June 21, 1850
Friday morning 21st we started from the river Traveled about 12 miles to water & tim -ber Br J M Grant was Just leaving the ground with his waggons Br Roundays teams were there Same Evening Br Woodruf came up with his company this day Br Cole had a child die with boul complaint about two years old was buried that Evening

June 22, 1850
next morning Sat 22d we met to arrang our traviling when Br Warren Smith left the company un Seremonously with out the consent of the company with 14 waggons as capt of the Same when I discovered he was going I went to him & asked him if he was going acording to order he Said he was not I told him If he left in this way he went without the Sanction of this company & with ^out the good feelings prayrs & faith he Still ^+ went on Same morning we Started with 60 waggons leaving

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by aunanimous vote of company leaving 62 in the 2d company of 10 50 to follow we Traviled about 10 miles to Rock ^Creek overtook Br Grants Com -pany camped here over Sunday Some raney after noon held meeting tords night Br Wroodruff came up Br Grant moved of we remained on the ^ground

June 24, 1850
mondy 24 rainy we did not Start I went back 3 miles to Squaw creek where 2d 50 was camped found Some Sick with bowl complaints one case of colery father Sweet but he was getting better when I returned to our commp I found Several of the company was Sick we remained untill Tuesday ^morning 25th when we Startd Tr 3 miles to the first creek over took Some of Elder Woodrufs camp that had gon ahead we passed 6 graves nuly made on the ^hill we had two bad places to cross this day camped 6 miles from the upper crossing of Rock creek on the ^prarie

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June 26, 1850
wednesday 26th we Traviled 6 miles to Rock Creek crosed over foornoon on the west Bank of this creek we Saw three graves of the Saints Viz M McDougal Alfred Brown a child by the name of Webb continued our Journey on this afternoon to where we found water on the prairie without timber about 4 miles from the creek here we campd this night Clark Campbell aged 26 [ink blot] years Died with Cholra also a little girl of Geo Catlins 4 years old.

June 27, 1850
Thursday 27th continued our Journey to P came to Salt creek crosed over passed over Br whipple & company Tr about 5 miles where we encamped for the night here 2 children died with cholra mobus Br Barn hams & Br Fawet Smiths

June 28, 1850
Friday 28 Tr about 10 mils camped on prarie with out wood had a heavy Shour

June 29, 1850
Sat 29th Traviled about 5 miles to wood & water where we camped for the night here Wm A[- - -] Died. we remained over

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Sunday Dried Some things from our waggons with cholra aged 18 years Sister Bibee was confined Same night gave Birth to a fine girl

June 30, 1850
Sunday 30 we remained in camp Br Joseph Pring Taken with cholera & Died Same Evening this weath Evening camp th came to gether prayed for health of camp & the Monday morning B. Berried Br Pring Br James Mcleland

July 1850

July 1, 1850
July 1st had 2 children Very Sick But we started on Travel -ed about 13 miles This day we met the mail from the valley one of Br Mcclelans children died Tues [-] buried Br Mccleland child Tr 10 miles camped for the night Br Whippl camped one Side of us Br Woodruff the other whealth of camp very good wednesday [-] Tr about 14 miles to Platt bottom wher we camped weather fine heath much better than had been for Some time

July 4, 1850
Thursday 4th July Tr 12 miles to clear Creek Stoped women commenced to wash this Evening camp met to See if we Should Friday 5th Stayed divide comp but could not agree to Seperate a few wished to goo