A German photograph taken in 1943 of Jewish civilians during the destruction of the Warsaw Ghetto, Poland.

It is estimated that four hundred thousand Jews were imprisoned within the walls of the Warsaw Ghetto in Poland, which was established in 1940. Because so many people were forced to live in 1.3 square miles, the death toll was high. In April of 1943, on the eve of Passover, members of the Jewish resistance fought back against the police and SS who were there to liquidate the ghetto by deporting the remaining population to concentration camps. This would become the largest Jewish uprising of World War II and would inspire more uprisings in other ghettos. Wiesel was forced into a ghetto in Sighet in April of 1944. While Sighet was smaller than Warsaw, nearly fourteen thousand Jews from the Sighet Ghetto were deported in May 1944. Most were gassed upon arrival at Auschwitz.