A political cartoon representing negative public opinion and political opposition to the agenda of President Andrew Jackson, circa 1832.

The question of renewing the charter for the Bank of the United States was a central issue in the election of 1832. In this cartoon, various people roast Andrew Jackson, including a female figure representing justice and Jackson’s political opponents (left to right) Senator Henry Clay, Senator Daniel Webster, William B. Preston, Bank of the United States president Nicholas Biddle, and an unknown man. The figures in the foreground represent former Secretary of the Treasury William Duane and Jack Downing, a popular anti-Jacksonian fictional character. A figure representing Vice President Martin Van Buren exits at the top right. Ultimately, President Jackson vetoed the recharter of the nation’s bank despite its passage in Congress. Jackson accelerated the demise of the Bank of the United States by removing the federal government’s money and redistributing it among local, state-chartered banks.