The cover of All Star Comics No. 19 (1943), featuring several characters gathered around Wonder Woman as she plays the piano.

“Crimes Set to Music,” an All Star Comics issue, was published by DC Comics in the winter of 1943. The cover features the superhero Wonder Woman playing the piano while other members of the Justice Society of America (Johnny Thunder, Hourman, Dr. Mid-Nite, The Spectre, The Atom, Dr. Fate, Starman, and a silhouette of Hawkman) gather around. Introduced in 1940, the Justice Society of America was the first team of superheroes featured in comic books. After their initial popularity faded, several group members were reinvented and brought together again as the Justice League of America. Some Justice Society of America members, such as the Flash, the Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman, had their own titles.