A letter from Roy Lichtenstein with comic book pages, 1963.

Lichtenstein based many of his large paintings on images he found in comic books. He usually included short bits of text that highlight the scene’s melodramatic content and serve as the work’s title.


Dear Ellen [H. Johnson],

I finally finished the two works you photographed at my Broad Street studio. The original cartoons are included here along with some photos of earlier work. I don't seem to have a black & white photo of anything from 1951 to my recent work. I hope these are of help.

Come see us when you're in this area. Isabel sends regards.


P.S. Ileana [Sonnabend] will take the "I know how you must feel Brad" and someone in Kansas C. has "My heart is always with you". Leo [Castelli] probably has photo of the finished work.