A letter from Confederate soldier George Franklin Robinson to his wife describing army morale and movements after Gettysburg, July 18, 1863.

This letter from George Franklin Robinson to his wife, Elvira Jane Griffin, was sent following the Battle of Gettysburg on July 18, 1863. On the second page, Robinson draws a map of his unit's march from Fredericksburg, Virginia, to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Robinson was a member of the Confederate Seventh Infantry Regiment (Company A) of the South Carolina Battalion in Joseph Kershaw’s Brigade. He enlisted in June 1862 and was discharged from the Federal prison camp at Point Lookout, Maryland, in June 1865; he had been taken prisoner in November 1864.


Winchester July 18, 1963

Dear Elvira,

I take my pen in hand to rite you a few lines to let you no tho I am at Winchester I have bin [lately?] bad off for some 10 or 12 days I come to Winchester da[y] before yesterday but I am giting well. I will be able to go back to my regt in a few days. I am at a convalescent camp, just in tents. I was taken with high fever & akin all over but I taken a dos of brimstone & the soarness left me & I have bin weak & no stomach to eat but I am giting harty now. Elviry I had rote to you but once since the fite & that was at hagerstown Maryland. I think we paid dearly for our trip in to [Pennsylvania?] we gave 20 thousand mens lives for a few cattle horses & wagons. I think our confederacy is gone up the spout. they say old lee is going back in Maryland if he does I think it will end the war our men had most as soon dy as to start back to Maryland our men is badly disheartened they are beginning to think this [war] wont end til we are all killed & it wont take long if they make many such [raids] as they have bin making. I rote to you that Off Smith & [Col] Williams was wounded they say the yankees has got them. Elviry I got a letter dated June 19 & glad to hear to hear you was all well & doing [well] you said miles & [unclear?] be as at home if they had miles out hear he would be safe. Elviry don’t greave about me if you don’t hear from me I will do the best I can I thank god for his kind blessings to me.

May god bless you & my sweet little children.

G F Robinson E J Robinson

[Text written above map] I have draud off a sorter of a map of our rout and battle ground you will commence at Fredrick & go on round back to Hamburg when we SOMETHING on the same road the figure will sho you the distant from town to another them dots is the battle field between the lins