An excerpt from a 1958 radio program discussing gay people in the US.

This recording from 1958—the earliest known radio recording to openly discuss homosexuality—features an interview with the editor of the Mattachine Society's newsletter, the Mattachine Review. The Mattachine Society is one of the oldest gay rights organizations in the United States. The interview also features Dr. Blanche Baker, a psychologist noted for her belief, rarely shared at the time, that homosexuality is not an abnormality or an illness, and Leah Gailey, the mother of a gay man. The guests discuss the question of whether homosexuality is a product of biology or environment, and the question of whether to eliminate gestures that distinguish gay people or to educate the public that these mannerisms are not significant. Despite the groundbreaking nature of this interview, gay people are still discussed with references to mental illness, childhood trauma, and damaged parent-child relationships.