A petition to the selectmen of Boston for the resignation of the tea consignees, November 17, 1773.

The consignees were the officials appointed to oversee the sale of tea and the collection of the taxes on behalf of the British East India Company. Richard Clarke, a Boston merchant, was one of the consignees working on behalf of the tea company.


The Selectmen of the Town of Boston
Boston, Nov. 17th 1773

Whereas at the late meeting of the Town their Committee applied to the Messr. Richard Clark & c. supposed consignees of Teas to be exported by the East India Comp[any] to this Port, who then declined giving satisfaction to the Town who requested their resignation of s[ai]d [courus?] ; a? assigning for reason that they were not sufficiently informed upon what terms the Teas would come out on -- The Town being now justly highly allarm[e]d [sic], with the hourly reputation of the arrival of said Teas, & apprehending that said Consignees are now thoroughly apprised of the conditions upon which the India Comp[any] are exporting this detestable commodity in to America we the subscribers request that the Town may as soon as possible, be called together to consult whether further application shall be made to s[ai]d Consignees, or otherwise to act or the Town shall think proper on the present dangerous & allarming [sic] exigence.

Will Powell
Tho[ma]s Hand? Peck
James Ivers
Joseph Warren
M[???]? or W [???] Doum?
John Browne?
Moses Gill
Eleazer Johnson
Thomas Lee
Jos[seph] Henderson
William Foster
Tho[mas] Walley
John Langdon
Peter Boyers
John Sweetner Jr.
Nat Barber
Nath[aniel] Appleton
Joseph P. Palmer
Steph[en] Bruce
James Swan
John Winthrop Jr.
John Marston
Joshua Pice
Nathan Spear
Bossenger Foster