A postcard from 1986 depicting Lolita Lebrón escorted from the US Capitol after opening fire from the House of Representatives gallery.

Lolita Lebrón was born in Puerto Rico in 1919 and migrated to the New York in 1940. Lebrón was disenchanted by the labor conditions of the garment industry and the prejudice that she faced in America, despite promises of a better future. Lebrón became an advocate for Puerto Rican independence and, in 1954, planned and executed an armed attack against the United States Congress with three other men. Opening fire from the gallery, she shouted, “Viva Puerto Rico libre!" in an act meant to draw international attention to the cause of Puerto Rican independence. Five people were wounded in the shooting and Lebrón was sentenced to fifty years in prison. She was pardoned in 1979 after serving twenty-five years.