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Press: “A suggested approach for the Digital Public Library of America”

From Nate Hill: “There’s been a lot of listserv discussion, and the Library City blog and the Library Renewal group have responded to this initiative, all helping to steer it in a way that should truly benefit our incredibly diverse public libraries and their patrons. I thought I’d take a stab here at defining what I believe would be a useful DPLA for real public libraries and real public library patrons across the USA.”

May 18, 2011

Press: “CLIR Issues Newsletter: An Enclosure of Spirits”

“The project to develop a Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) has become more widely publicized in the past several months, understandably accruing many different interpretations and perspectives about what it might be, what it should not be, and what it might become over time.”

May 1, 2011

Press: “The trust conundrum”

“This trust conundrum is a huge issue for efforts in Europe, America, and elsewhere to build and sustain national digital libraries, including the DPLA initiative here in the U.S., which currently is getting quite a bit of press attention.”

April 27, 2011

Press: “Stealing Libraries”

“Unlike Google’s plan to purchase copyright from publishers, authors and libraries, DPLA, as an online extension from existing an library, seems much closer to an evolution of traditional modes of access to libraries and their material.”

April 20, 2011

Press: “Harvard Leads Digital Library Initiative”

“The proposed Digital Public Library of America will serve as an open online collection of digitized books and texts that project leaders hope could one day incorporate every volume ever published.”

April 12, 2011

Press: “The library of the future”

“Creation of the Digital Public Library of America would be a notable step forward in keeping with that honorable tradition of public access to knowledge.”

April 11, 2011

Press: “Digital Public Library of America”

“With the recent rejection of the Google Books settlement and the building of momentum behind the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) initiative, in incubation just across the Charles at Harvard’s Berkman Center.”

April 4, 2011

Press: “Thoughts on Crowds + Digital Public Library”

From Lucy Bernholz: “One line in this jumped out at me – ‘Meanwhile, others are chipping away at the millions of orphans [books], trying to find rights holders and to determine which books have fallen into the public domain.'”

April 4, 2011