What’s happening at DPLAfest 2013

Posted by Hillary Brady in October 22, 2013.

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With just a few days left before the start of this year’s DPLAfest, we’re all hard at work to put together a memorable experience for participants. There are a lot of chances to learn something new, talk through ideas, and see what tools the DPLA has to offer researchers and institutions. With so much happening, a quick look at the full agenda for Friday might seem overwhelming. How can you narrow it down?

So, you want to meet the minds behind the DPLA? DPLA Board, Committee members, and staff are doing a little bit of everything at the conference. You can head to the Open Meeting of the DPLA Board of Directors (11 a.m., Northeastern University) to ask questions, meet the board, and learn more about the DPLA. If you can’t make it, DPLA Board Members are leading many other workshops throughout the day: Robert Darnton will be at Focus on Community: Enhancing Community Contributions to, and Use of, the DPLA (1:30, Northeastern University), and Jamie Hollier will be at the DPLA Local Unconference (1:30, Northeastern University).

So, you want to talk tech? There are so many chances to learn more about digital content and the tools available through the DPLA. A few offerings include:  Using Digital Tools to Extend the DPLA and Connect with Local Libraries (11 a.m., Northeastern University), Tech Demos and Lighting Presentations (11 a.m., Northeastern University), or Alternative Approaches to Digital Hosting and E-book Licensing (1:30 p.m., Simmons College).

So, you want to build your own tools? Hack the DPLA! Use the DPLA API to build your own tools and widgets with the help of SJ Klein of the Wikimedia Foundation at the DPLAfest Hackathon (All day, Northeastern University).

So, you want to understand the legal issues around digital assets? Copyright, fair use and licensing are all big issues in the world of digital content management, and they can be tricky to handle. Talk it through at The Elephant in the Room: Copyright and New Ways Forward (11 a.m., Simmons College) or Alternative Approaches to Digital Hosting and E-book Licensing (1:30 p.m., Simmons College).

So, you’re interested in digital content and metadata? Inspired and want to take action with your own content sharing? Learn more about joining the DPLA’s hub network and other opportunities for using the collections at The DPLA Digital Hubs How-to (11 a.m., Simmons College) and Exploring New Collections and Collection Strategies (1:30 p.m., Northeastern University).

There are interesting workshops happening in both morning and afternoon sessions at Northeastern University and Simmons College. Don’t miss out!

If you can’t make it to the DPLAfest this year, there are still ways to get involved. There will be interactive Google Docs keeping track of workshop info all day, and the morning kick-off and afternoon wrap-up will be livestreamed. Then, don’t forget to check back with the DPLA Blog for a round-up of all the action.

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