Teagle Foundation Announces New Grant Supporting Education at DPLA

By DPLA, December 5, 2016.

The Digital Public Library of America is delighted to announce that it has received a generous $150,000 grant from the Teagle Foundation to extend its work around curated sets of primary source materials for the classroom. For the last two years, with funding from the Whiting Foundation, DPLA has built Primary Source Sets with a diverse group of educators in K-12 and higher ed.

The new grant from the Teagle Foundation will allow for additional curation, professional development, conference presentations, and other outreach efforts to ensure that these sets are used widely and effectively in colleges and universities.

“We are tremendously excited to extend our work in education around primary source curation and inquiry-based learning to new audiences by continuing to work with our Education Advisory Committee,” said DPLA Curation and Education Strategist Franky Abbott. “This committee has provided invaluable service to DPLA over the past 18 months and we are so pleased to continue our collaboration with them.”

“Education is so important to DPLA’s mission,” said Executive Director Dan Cohen, “and we relish the opportunity to better reach a huge audience of students with free, open content. We are deeply grateful to the Teagle Foundation for this wonderful support.”

Although this grant focuses on higher ed, DPLA will continue to pursue activities in K-12 instruction, and continue to connect these sets with teachers and students across the country through outreach and partnerships such as PBS LearningMedia.

As part of the Teagle grant, DPLA will be opening a call for additional members of the Education Advisory Committee in early 2017.