Sunshine State Digital Network Brings Florida’s Collections to DPLA

By DPLA, November 30, 2017.

We are pleased to announce that over 74,000 new materials from Florida’s Sunshine State Digital Network (SSDN) are now discoverable in DPLA. Please join us in welcoming SSDN partners Florida State University, University of Miami, and Florida International University to the DPLA network.

With this new content, DPLA now makes over 18 million resources available to all, but it’s not about the numbers for us. Each new partner, institution, and collection added to DPLA means we expand the network of people, communities, and stories that we represent and can share with you, our community. Newly added collections from Sunshine State Digital Network provide rich content documenting Florida’s unique culture, landscape, and people, as well as materials that represent and reflect our shared national heritage.

1935 Greater Miami guide book, from the University of Miami’s Historical Florida brochures collection.

Sunshine State Digital Network brings extensive new materials representing Cuban and Latin American culture to DPLA. Listen to Cuban and Latin American popular music from the early twentieth century in Florida International University’s Díaz-Ayala collection, hear the stories of some of Florida’s first generation of Cuban immigrants in the Louis J. Botifoll Oral History Project, and explore theater of the Cuban diaspora in the Cuban Heritage Theater collection from the University of Miami.

Florida State University Library’s collections document the local history of the university and the state of Florida as well as stories of national significance. For example, the papers of professor Davis Houck include his research and collections related to the 1955 murder of Emmett Till. Explore photographs related to Till’s life, the scene of his untimely death, and the subsequent murder trial of Roy Bryant and J.W. Milam and follow how national news of Till’s death unfolded through government records and newspaper clippings from publications across the country.

The records of Tallahassee’s National Organization for Women chapter from Florida State University chronicles the work and activism of the organization from the 1970s to the 1990s through speeches, newsletters, meeting minutes, and more. Follow the grassroots campaign to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment or explore NOW members’ efforts to protect women from violence and sexual harassment and provide vital resources to victims of assault.

We have selected some materials to show off the breadth and variety of content shared by Sunshine State Digital Network, but don’t stop here! Dig into Florida’s collections and we’ll look forward to hearing what you discover, learn, and share!