Primary Source Sets for Education Now Accessible in PBS LearningMedia

By DPLA, June 1, 2016.
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We are thrilled to announce that all of our 100 Primary Source Sets for education are now accessible in PBS LearningMedia, a leading destination for high-quality, trusted digital education resources that inspire students and transform learning.

Print_PBS_LearningMedia_LogoThis announcement comes as the result of the partnership between DPLA and PBS LearningMedia announced at last year’s DPLAfest and the work of our Education team and Advisory Committee to create a collection of one hundred primary source sets over the last ten months. We are excited to have the opportunity to bring together PBS LearningMedia’s unparalleled media resources and connections to the world of education and lifelong learning with DPLA’s vast and growing storehouse of openly available education materials, cultural heritage collections, and community of librarians, archivists, and curators.

Together with PBS LearningMedia, we hope that by providing access to the DPLA Primary Source Sets to PBS LearningMedia’s broad audience of educators, we can make our rich new resources more accessible and discoverable for all, while introducing educators across the country to DPLA and the cultural heritage collections contributed by our growing network of hubs and contributing institutions. 

Within PBS LearningMedia, educators will be able to access, save, and combine DPLA’s education resources with more than 100,000 videos, images, interactives, lesson plans and articles drawn from critically acclaimed PBS programs such as Frontline and American Experience and from expert content contributors like NASA.  Teachers also have the option of navigating within the DPLA resources; from our collection page,  educators can explore by core subject areas, such as US history, literature, arts, and science and technology, as well as themes like migration and labor history and groups including African Americans and women.