DPLA Nominating Committee soliciting recommendations for Board candidates

By Kenny Whitebloom, February 19, 2013.

The DPLA Nominating Committee was established by the DPLA Board of Directors during a December 2012 meeting to recommend two additional members for the DPLA Board of Directors. The Nominating Committee is composed of the following individuals:

  • Cathy Casserly, DPLA Board of Directors (Treasurer)
  • Luis Herrera, DPLA Board of Directors

The purpose of the DPLA Nominating Committee is to identify a set of qualified candidates, to be elected by the current Board of Directors, for two DPLA Board positions. The committee’s guiding principle is to propose two qualified and professionally diverse individuals who will seek to fulfill the DPLA’s strategic goal of creating a free and open national digital library resource.

Toward that end, the Nominating Committee will endeavor:

  • to propose a geographically, professionally, and racially/ethnically diverse group of candidates;
  • to propose candidates who possess a broad view of the library and information technology landscape and can claim experience in a variety of professional contexts;
  • to propose a set of candidates that can inspire an actionable, enthusiastic response in the wider library and information technology community; and
  • to propose a set of candidates who will seek to fulfill the DPLA’s broad commitment to openness, inclusiveness, and accessibility.

The Board of Directors guiding terms and principles, including the key responsibilities required of new Directors, can be found here. The Nominating Committee encourages you to share the document with your networks and anyone interested in serving.

The Nominating Committee thanks everyone who submitted nominations and self-nominations to serve on the DPLA Board of Directors. The Nominating Committee looks forward to announcing the Board new members in April 2013.

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