[January 24, 2014] Build with the DPLA API at LibHack 2014 in Philadelphia

By DPLA, January 6, 2014.
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Interested in building with the DPLA API? Then come to LibHack! LibHack is a library hackathon that will work with the DPLA and OCLC APIs. It will take place on January 24, 2014 from 9:30am-5:00pm in the Special Collections Center on the 6th floor of the University of Pennsylvania’s Van Pelt Library (3420 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19104).

All are welcome to attend: librarians and non-librarians, programmers and non-programmers, designers, metadata people, and project managers, to name a few. The event coincides with the American Library Association Midwinter conference and, as you might guess, we’re hoping to attract many librarians. But the doors are open to anyone who’s interested in participating. We believe a diverse group of participants will make for a richer and more productive event.

Representatives from DPLA will be on hand throughout the day to lend guidance should you have technical questions about using the API or want help refining the scope of your project. Be sure to look the LibHack Project Board if you’re looking for a team to join or if you have an idea and need teammates. Also take a look at the DPLA Hacking Projects page for ideas on what to build.

We encourage participants to form teams and pick their own projects, and beginning work before the event is acceptable. There will be prizes awarded at the end of the day – nothing too fancy, but a few fun things in the $50-100 range to encourage friendly competition!

Registration is $25 and includes lunch, snacks, a t-shirt, and unlimited coffee, and can be completed at https://libhack2014.eventbrite.com. LibHack is an “unofficial” ALA event, meaning you do not have to register for Midwinter to attend LibHack.

Contact the organizers at libraryhackathon@gmail.com or @LibHack2014 if you have any questions.

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