An Introduction to the DPLA Metadata Model

By DPLA, March 25, 2014.
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Metadata is at the heart of what DPLA is and does. We are actively harvesting metadata records from our Hubs and constantly adding to the nearly six million records currently in our datastore. We bring the records together from more than 1,100 partners so that users can search across metadata through our API and portal, and through the applications that others have built on the DPLA API.

So, it’s not surprising that we are often asked about our metadata application profile (called the DPLA MAP) and the metadata “requirements” for participation in DPLA. In response, we offer this new document, “An Introduction to the DPLA Metadata Model,” which offers a detailed introduction to the DPLA MAP, describes how we harvest metadata, and outlines the types of metadata that our partners provide us. And, it suggests what institutions might consider when sharing their metadata with current users and partners, and future DPLA Hubs.

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