Interview with Tito Sierra and Jason Ronallo of the DPLA Collection Achievements and Profiles System

Posted by Bumourfcearce in October 19, 2011.

Jason Ronallo and Tito Sierra sat down with me via Skype to preview their Beta Sprint project, the DPLA Collection Achievements and Profiles System, wwhich they will be discussing at the DPLA plenary meeting this Friday.  Their project presents a model for how cultural heritage organizations with an existing online presence can maximize the discovery and use of their digital library collections through a minimal amount of centralized coordination facilitated by the DPLA.

The goal of the collection profiles and achievements systems is to enable service providers and developers to build new aggregation and interoperability services based off this shared infrastructure. These services could include search indexing services, visualization tools, instructional tools, promotional tools, analytics services, and recommendation services.

Listen to the interview:
Listen to the interview

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