From Book Patrol: Happy New Calendar!

By DPLA, January 9, 2015.

Now that we have our new calendar in place to help track the year ahead let’s have a look back at some of the thousands of calendars available for your perusal at the DPLA. Derived from the Latin word kalendae, which was the name of the first day of every month, there are as many varieties of calendars as there are days of the month.

From a 12th century Book of Hours to a 16th century perpetual calendar to a Native American calendar on buckskin to a handwritten calendar by Lee Harvey Oswald, there is no shortage of creative ways to track time and in many cases to advertise ones business.


Perpetual Calendar by Ortensio Toro, 1594


Kiowa Anko calendar on buckskin, ca. 1871 – ca. 1907


Ladies Calendar 1889 perfumed with Hoyt’s German Cologne


“Little Miss Zenoleum” [sic: title under portrait] from The Zenner Disinfectant Co., Detroit, Michigan, 1905

Wills’s Cigarettes, 1912 NYPL


Handwritten calendar, Lee Harvey Oswald


Dan Friedman

Alkahn Labels, Inc. Jacquard woven calendar for 1987