DPLAfest 2015: Dive into the DPLA Hub network

Posted by DPLA in March 31, 2015.

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The DPLAFest schedule is packed with interesting sessions–everything from ebooks, to project management, to digitization, and education, has a space in the lineup. A set of those programs is related to the DPLA Hubs and the work that they do. In addition to showcasing the incredible work being done by institutions that are part of the DPLA Hub network, it’s a great way for attendees from aspiring Hubs to find out more about the application process. Here are some Hub Highlights from this year’s fest:

Best Practices for Establishing a DPLA Service Hub in Your State/Region: Gear up for the 2015 Content Hub or Service Hub open calls by learning more about what it takes to be a DPLA network Hub. Session speakers include DPLA’s Director for Content Emily Gore, Assistant Director for Content Amy Rudersdorf, and Data Services Coordinator Gretchen Gueguen.

Best Practices for Digitization Training: Want to know more about designing a digitization training program curriculum? Join this session led by two members of the DPLA Hub Network and participants in the Public Library Partnerships Project.

Newspapers and the DPLA: Extra, extra! Learn all about it in this session exploring the potential to integrate newspaper content into the DPLA. Speakers include Head of the Digital Scholarship Center, University of Oregon Libraries, Karen Estlund, and DPLA’s Emily Gore. We’d love to hear your ideas and expertise as we explore this new opportunity.

DPLA Hubs Showcase: The Hubs Showcase will combine a lot of learning with a little bit of fun as we give nine speakers five minutes each to talk about the innovative and unique work they’re doing at their institutions across the US. Topics will range from geospatial metadata best practices in the Mountain West to Fedora/Blacklight systems aggregating South Carolina content, image sharing via the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF), access to digitized newspapers in North Carolina, and much more. Set your timer for an information-packed hour.

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