DPLA Workshop – RightsStatements.org: Why We Need It, What It Is (and Isn’t) and What Does It Mean for the DPLA Network and Beyond?

By DPLA, May 4, 2016.

We’re pleased to invite our extended community to attend a free two-part DPLA workshop webinar, RightsStatements.org: Why We Need It, What It Is (and Isn’t) and What Does It Mean for the DPLA Network and Beyond? Over the course of two workshops, Emily Gore, DPLA, and Greg Cram, NYPL, will discuss the recently launched RightsStatements.org projectrights statements logo

The goal of RightsStatements.org is to provide standardized rights statements for cultural heritage institutions and aggregators. This two-part webinar series will demonstrate and describe the need for the statements, the rationale behind the statements, and NYPL and DPLA’s implementation plans. Part I of the webinar will cover the need for the statements and the philosophy behind the statements. Part II of the webinar will cover the statements themselves along with the implementation strategy. Participants are highly encouraged to attend both parts, as they will build off each other.

The first part of the series will take place on Tuesday, May 10 at 3:30 PM Eastern (90 minutes), while the second part will take place a week later on Tuesday, May 17 at 3:30 PM Eastern (90 minutes).

DPLA Workshops are online learning opportunities highlighting subjects central to our community, such as education, metadata, technology, copyright, and more. These events are open to the public (registration required).

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