DPLA releases New York City Internet Master Plan as free ebook

By DPLA, March 13, 2020.
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The Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) is pleased to announce that we have published a free, easy-to-read epub version of New York City’s Internet Master Plan. The plan, which aims to bring affordable, high-speed internet access to all five boroughs of New York City, was released in January. Previously, it was available only in pdf format. 

The New York City Internet Master Plan is the latest public domain work to be published as an ebook by DPLA. In late 2019, DPLA published a free ebook version of The Mueller Report, which was followed earlier this year by The Impeachment Papers, a compendium of public documents related to the impeachment of President Trump, and The Senate Intelligence Committee Report. These three previously published ebooks are available for download here. 

The New York City Internet Master Plan is also available in the Open Bookshelf collection within the SimplyE app. By using the SimplyE app, anyone can download and read the New York City Internet Master Plan for free–no library card or sign in required. It is also available at no cost to libraries, which may provide it to their patrons without restrictions. 

DPLA would like to extend its thanks to Digital Divide Data for their work on the publication of the New York City Internet Master Plan, as well as to Nate Hill, executive director at METRO, the Metropolitan New York Library Council, for the suggestion that initiated this project.

DPLA’s ebook work is supported by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. Want to see more public domain government documents in Open Bookshelf? We’d love to hear from you at ebooks@dp.la.