DPLA releases Krikri 0.1.3

By DPLA, February 11, 2015.
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The Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) is happy to announce the release of Krikri version 0.1.3, a Ruby on Rails engine for metadata aggregation, enhancement, and quality control. DPLA uses Krikri as part of Heiðrún, its new metadata ingestion system.

Krikri 0.1.3 includes the following features:
  • Harvesting metadata from OAI-PMH providers, and support for building other harvesters
  • Creating RDF metadata models, with specific support for the DPLA Metadata Application Profile
  • Parsing metadata and mapping to RDF graphs using a Domain Specific Language
  • Persistence for graphs and objects using the Linked Data Platform specification
  • Enrichments for mapped metadata, including date parsing and normalization, stripping and splitting on punctuation, and more
  • Queuing and association of jobs to metadata using provenance information
  • A basic quality assurance interface, including record browse and search, a record-graph comparison view, and reports on conformance to your metadata application profile
Krikri and Heiðrún are open source software, released under the MIT License. Krikri and Heiðrún are built on top of other open source components, including Apache Marmotta, Apache Solr, ActiveTriples, Blacklight, and Resque.
More information about Krikri and Heiðrún can be found at the following links: