Catch up with DPLA at ALA Annual in Orlando

By DPLA, June 21, 2016.
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The American Library Association’s Annual Conference kicks off later this week in Orlando, Florida and DPLA staffers are excited to hit the road, connect with a fantastic community of librarians and show our support for the city of Orlando.  Here’s your guide to when and where to catch up with DPLA’s staff and community members at ALA Annual.  If you’ll be following the conference from afar, connect with us on Twitter and following the conference at #alaac16.

[S] = DPLA Staff Participating, [K] = Knight Foundation Sponsored Panel, [H] = DPLA Hub and/or Contributing Institution represented

FRIDAY, June 24, 2016

12:00pm – 2:00pm: Ebook Working Group Project Update [S]
Location: Networking Uncommons, Orange County Convention Center

This meeting is open to all librarians curious about current issues, ongoing projects, and ways to get involved. Attendees will learn how the Ebook Working Group fits in with other library ebook groups, and explore the projects we currently work on, including the Library E-content Access Project (LEAP), SimplyE/Open eBooks, SimplyE for Consortia, Readers First and other library-created ebook projects. Current members of the working groups will have the opportunity to meet and share updates, and connect with potential new members.
DPLA Staff Presenting: Michelle Bickert, Ebook Program Manager, and Rachel Frick, Business Development Director

SATURDAY, June 25, 2016

8:30am – 10:00am: Linked Data – Globally Connecting Libraries, Archives, and Museums

In the past years, libraries have embraced their role as global participants in the Semantic Web. Developments in library metadata frameworks such as BibFrame and RDA built on standard data models and ontologies including RDF, SKOS and OWL highlight the importance of linking data in an increasingly global environment. What is the status of linked data projects in libraries and other memory institutions internationally? Come hear our speakers address current projects, including, opportunities and challenges.

Panelists: Gordon Dunsire, Chair, RDA Steering Committee, Edinburgh, United Kingdom; Reinhold Heuvelmann, Senior Information Standards Specialist, German National Library; Richard Urban, Asst. Professor, School of Information, Florida State University

1:00pm – 2:30pm: Library Consortia, E-books and the Power of Libraries: Innovative Shared E-book Delivery Models from a Library Consortium near You [S]

This program will include an interactive panel discussion of the major trends in e-books and how library consortia are at the forefront of elevating libraries as a major player in the e-book market. Leading models from library consortia that showcase innovation and advocacy including shared collections using open source, commercial and hybrid platforms and the investigation of a national e-book platform for local content from self-published authors and independent publishers.

Panelists: Michelle Bickert, Digital Public Library of America; Veronda Pitchford, Director of Membership Development and Resource Sharing, Reaching Across Illinois Library System; Valerie Horton, Executive Director, Minitex; Greg Pronevitz, Executive Director, Massachusetts Library System

1:00pm – 2:30pm:  Transforming Libraries: Knight News Challenge Winners Announced [K]

For their latest Knight News Challenge, the Knight Foundation asked applicants to submit their best idea answering the question: “How might libraries meet 21st century information needs? This program will include a presentation of the newest winners of the challenge and a panel discussion on transformational change in the library field.

Panelists: Lisa Peet, Associate News Editor at Library JournalFrancesca Rodriquez. Foundation Officer at Madison Public Library Foundation; Matthew Phillips, Manager, Technology Development Team at Harvard University Library

3:00pm – 4:00pm: Can I Use It? New Tools for Determining Rights and (Re)Use Status for Our Digital Collections [S] [K] [H]

Two innovative approaches help libraries address rights and reuse status for growing digital collections. addresses the need for standardized rights statements through international collaboration around a shared framework implemented by the Digital Public Library of America, New York Public Library, and other institutions. The Copyright Review Management System provides a toolkit for determining copyright, building off the copyright status work for materials in HathiTrust.

Panelists: Emily Gore, Director for Content, Digital Public Library of America; Greg Cram, Associate Director, Copyright and Information Policy, The New York Public Library; Rick Adler, DPLA Service Hub Coordinator at University of Michigan, School of Information

SUNDAY, June 26, 2016

10:30am – 11:30am:  From the Macro to the Micro: How Small-Scale Digitization Can Make a Big Difference [K] [H]

Digitization programs can be resource rich, even when institutions may be resource poor. Developing a program for the digitization of cultural heritage materials benefits from planning at the macro level, with organizational buy-in and strategic considerations addressed. Once this foundation is in place,an organization can successfully implement a digitization service aligned with organizational mission that benefits important known stakeholders and the wider community. This panel will focus on digitization programs from these two perspectives with emphasis on the creation of a mobile digitization service and how this can be replicated to sustain small-scale digitization programs that can have a huge and positive impact – not only for the institution but for the communities they serve.

Panelists: Caroline Catchpole, Mobile Digitization Specialist at Metropolitan New York Library Council; Natalie Milbrodt, Associate Coordinator at Metadata Services at Queens Library; Jolie O. Graybill, Assistant Director at Minitex; Molly Huber, Outreach Coordinator at Minnesota Digital Library

Additional Knight Foundation Sponsored Panels:

 See you in Orlando!

"Greetings from Orlando, The City Beautiful" postcard c. 1930-1945 from the collection of Boston Public Library via Digital Commonwealth.

“Greetings from Orlando, The City Beautiful” postcard c. 1930-1945 from the collection of Boston Public Library via Digital Commonwealth.