Archival Description Working Group Members

Posted by Gretchen Gueguen in October 9, 2015.

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We are pleased to announce the membership of the Archival Description Working Group:

  • Jodi Allison-Bunnel, OrbisCascade Alliance
  • Mark Custer, Yale University
  • Bradley Daigle, University of Virginia
  • Jackie Dean, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Max Eckard, University of Michigan
  • Ben Goldman, The Pennsylvania State University
  • Kris Keisling, University of Minnesota
  • Leigh Grinstead, LYRASIS
  • Adrian Turner, California Digital Library

In addition, we have appointed an Advisory Board that will help the workgroup by reviewing drafts before public release and providing feedback on workplans and tools. Advisory Board members include:

  • Shawn Averkamp, New York Public Library
  • Erin Hawkins, World Digital Library, Library of Congress
  • Sheila McAlister, Digital Library of Georgia
  • Sandra McIntyre, Mountain West Digital Library
  • Anne Van Camp, Smithsonian Institution

We were so excited to find that so many volunteered to help us with the group and regret that we can’t include everyone. We will share the group’s progress through social media, and those who filled out the volunteer form will be asked to help review and comment on the draft of the whitepaper and any other deliverables once the working group and advisory board have developed a first draft.