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By DPLA, May 3, 2016.
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Following a successful DPLAfest 2016 in Washington, DC, we’re looking for next year’s location for another great interactive, productive, and exciting fest. DPLAfest is an annual event that brings together hundreds of people from the cultural, education, and technology communities to celebrate the Digital Public Library of America, our many partners across the country, and our large and growing community of practitioners and members of the public who contribute to, and benefit from, DPLA.

DPLAfest 2016 was co-hosted by the Library of Congress, the National Archives, and the Smithsonian Institution. Those great institutions were proud to host over 450 attendees from across the world for two-days of discussions, workshops, hands-on activities, and fun events.

DPLAfest host organizations are essential contributors to one of the most prominent gatherings in the country involving librarians, archivists, and museum professionals, developers and technologists, publishers and authors, teachers and students, and many others who work together to further the mission of providing maximal access to our shared cultural heritage. For colleges and universities, DPLAfest is the perfect opportunity to directly engage your students, educators, archivists, librarians and other information professionals in the work of a diverse national community of information and technology leaders. For public libraries, hosting DPLAfest brings the excitement and enthusiasm of our community right to your hometown, enriching your patrons’ understanding of library services through free and open workshops, conversations, and more. For museums, archives, and other cultural heritage institutions, it’s a great way to promote your collections and spotlight innovative work taking place at your organization. Hosting DPLAfest also affords the chance to promote your institution nationally and internationally, given the widespread media coverage of DPLAfest and the energy around the event.

If this opportunity sounds right for you and your organization, let us know! We are calling on universities and colleges, public libraries, archives, museums, historical societies, and others to submit expressions of interests to serve as hosts or co-hosts for DPLAfest 2017, which will take place in mid-April 2017.

To apply, review the information below and submit an expression of interest on behalf of your organization via the form at the bottom of this page. The deadline to apply is Tuesday, June 7, 2016. We will follow up with the most promising proposals shortly following the deadline.

Collaborative applications (such as between a university and a nearby public library) are encouraged. Preference will be given to applicants who can provide venue spaces which are located in the same building complex or campus. Please note that some host partners can contribute staffing or other day-of support in lieu of venue space.

Requirements of a DPLAfest 2017 Host Site

  • Willingness to make local arrangements and coordinate with DPLA staff and any/all staff at host institution.
  • An auditorium or similar space suitable for a keynote presentation (minimum 300 people).
  • 10 or more smaller rooms for “breakout” sessions (30 – 50 people).
    • Preference will be given to hosts that can provide breakout rooms equipped with projection/display capabilities.
  • Co-location of proposed event spaces (i.e., enough session spaces in the same building or same campus).
  • Availability of wireless network for all attendees, potentially in excess of 350 simultaneous clients, for free or via conference sponsorship.
  • An organizational commitment to donate use of all venue spaces. (As a small nonprofit with limited funds, as well as a strong desire to keep DPLAfest maximally open to the public, we’re unable to pursue host proposals that are unable to offer free or deeply-discounted use of venue spaces).
  • Ability to provide at least one staff person for every session room to help with day-of AV support, logistical support, etc.
  • Commitment to diversity, inclusion, and openness to all.

Additional Desirable Qualities

  • Proximity to a major airport and hotels.
  • Location outside of the Northeast corridor and the Midwest (we’re rotating the location of DPLAfest each year; we celebrated DPLAfest 2013 in Boston, DPLAfest 2015 in Indianapolis, and DPLAfest 2016 in Washington, DC).

Apply to host DPLAfest 2017

You can learn more about DPLAfest here. Questions? Email