Apply to our 3rd Class of Community Reps

By DPLA, January 15, 2015.

We’re thrilled to announce today our third-ever call for applications for the DPLA Community Reps program! The application for this third class of Reps will close on Friday, February 13.

What is the DPLA Community Reps program? In brief, we’re looking for enthusiastic volunteers who are willing to help us bring DPLA to their local communities through outreach activities or support DPLA by working on special projects. Reps give a small commitment of time to community engagement, collaboration with fellow Reps and DPLA staff, and check-ins with DPLA staff. We have a terrific first two classes of reps from diverse places and professions.

With the third class, we are hoping to strengthen and expand our group geographically and professionally.

Geographic priorities

  • States without reps: District of Columbia, Delaware, Kansas, Maryland, Nevada, Oregon
  • States with only one rep: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, Hawaii, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Puerto Rico, Tennessee, Vermont, West Virginia, Wyoming

Professional backgrounds

  • We are looking for people with interests that intersect with DPLA’s mission, wherever they work. We will give some priority to K-12 teachers, programmers/developers, genealogists, museum professionals, and historical society staff.

Although applicants who help us with these initiatives will be given special consideration, the single most important factor in selection is the applicant’s ability to clearly identify communities they can serve and plan relevant outreach activities or DPLA-related projects for them. If you don’t fall into the groups outlined above, please consider applying anyway. We are looking for enthusiastic, motivated people from the US and the world with great ideas above all else!

To answer general inquiries about what type of work reps normally engage in and to provide information about the program in general, open information and Q&A sessions will be held with key DPLA staff members and current community reps.  

Reps Info Session #1: Tue, January 27, 6pm – 7pm Eastern
Reps Info Session #2: Thu, February 5, 1pm – 2pm Eastern

If you would like to join one of these webinars, please register for the date and time that works best for you.

For more information about the DPLA Community Reps program, please contact

Apply to be a DPLA Community Rep: