Announcing our third class of DPLA Community Reps

By Kenny Whitebloom, February 24, 2015.

We’re extremely excited to introduce our third class of DPLA Community Reps–-volunteers who engage their local communities by leading DPLA outreach activities. We were thrilled with the response to our third call for applicants, and we’re pleased to now add another roster of nearly 100 new Community Reps to our outstanding first and second classes, bringing the total number of Reps to just over 200.

Our third class continues our success at completing the U.S. map, bringing local DPLA advocacy to all 50 states, DC, and a handful of international locations. Our Reps work in K-12 education, public libraries, state libraries, municipal archives, public history and museums, technology, publishing, media, genealogy, and many areas of higher education. This third class in particular solidifies our presence in states where previously we had only one rep, including Alabama, Arkansas, Iowa, Montana, Oklahoma. We also received a number of excellent applications from people working in museums, technology, genealogy, and K-12, so we’re excited to further these avenues for DPLA involvement and outreach. We’re eager to support this new classes’ creative outreach and engagement work, and we thank them for helping us grow the DPLA community!

For more detailed information about our Reps and their plans, including the members of the third class, please visit our Meet the Reps page.

The next call for our fourth class of Reps will take place in one year (January 2016).  To learn more about this program and follow our future calls for applicants, check out our Community Reps page.