Representative Helen D. Bentley, Republican-Maryland, ship's sponsor, speaks during the commissioning of the dock ship USS FORT MCHENRY (LSD 43). Distinguished guests seated on the speakers platform are, left to right: Captain (CAPT) J. Graham, USN, Chaplain, CAPT P. Grasser, Rear Admiral (RDML) (lower half) J.P. Reason, commander, Naval Base, Seattle; P.A. Schneider, Naval Sea Systems Command; Major General (MGEN) C.E. Mundy Jr., US Marine Corps (USMC); Retired Colonel (COL) E.E. Shoults, USMC; J.R. Santosuosso, president, Lockheed Shipbuilding Co.; Commander (CDR) G.S. Rhodes, commanding officer, USS FORT MCHENRY (LSD 43)