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  • Sneddon, James O.
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  • 1964
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  • Images documenting the Eniwetok-Bikini Resurvey Project between July and September 1964.Caption with image: The M-boat was approaching Rigili Island, a lonely patch of land on miles and miles of uninterrupted reef on Eniwetok's southwest rim, as Raul McClin, Lauren R. Donaldson and the M-boat operator discussed the landing. 9246-3Radiobiological Survey of Bikini, Eniwetok and Rongelap Atolls, Volume 2, p.12.
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    Scanned from a photographic print using a Microtek ScanMaker 9800XL at 100-250 dpi in JPEG format, saved at compression rate 3 and resized to 768x600 ppi. 2007