Meeting of the State Agents Negro Rural Schools. Roosevelt Hotel. Seated Left to right: J.E. Williams, Assistant, Louisiana, D.B. Taylor, Assistant-Texas, E.A. Duke-Oklahoma, L.N. Taylor-Kentucky, J.W. Huffington-Maryland, J.Davis-GEB, A. D. Wright-Southern Education Foundation, LMF-GEB, B.C. Caldwell-Jeanes and Slater Funds, E.G. McGehee Jr.-Assistant-Alabama, F.M.Alexander-Virginia, N.C.Newbold-N Carolina, Nolen M. Irby, Former Assistant-Arkansas now University of Georgia. Standing, left to right: L.M. Lester, Assistant-Georgia,WA Schiffley, Assistant-S. Carolina, JA Travis, Assistant-Mississippi, DE William-Florida,GH Ferguson, Assistant-N. Carolina, Dudley Tanner, Assistant-Tennessee,SL Smith, Former Assistant Tenn Now Peabody College, JB Felton-S. Carolina, AC Lewis-Louisiana, RL Cousins-Georgia, CL Barrow Former Assistant Louisiana now, WE Turner-Tenn, PH Easom-Mississippi, Gordon Worley-Texas, JS Lambert-Alabama, Fred McCuistion-GEB, Ed McCuistion-Arkansas