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  • Caption on image: 4194. Famous Chief Shakes Totem, Wrangell, AlaskaPrinted on verso: Geo. Shakes' Totem. Geo. Shake's Totem, sometimes called The Raven Totem is surmounted by the Raven Creator. The box is the chief's box, supposed to have spiritual power. Below is the young Raven, the Creator if man. Below is the daughter of the Creator and the mother of the young Creator. HHT CO.Filed in Alaska-Natives-Totems.
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    3.5 x 5.5 in.
    Scanned from an original photographic postcard using a Microtek ArtixScan 1800f at 110 dpi in JPEG format at compression rate 3 and resized to 768x600 ppi. 2006