The official party at the launch of the Guided Missile Cruiser USS COWPENS (CG 63): FRONT (left to right), Rear Admiral Meyer, Mayor Courtney, Mrs. Fitzgerald, Reverend and Mrs. Paddock, Mr. and Mrs. Buttner, Mrs. and Mr. McPhee, Mrs. and Mr. Yates, Mrs. and Captain (CAPT) Rehder, CAPT and Mrs. Woodruff, Mrs. Weatherbie. REAR (left to right), Mr. Fitzgerald, Representative Spence, Rear Admiral Lynch, Mr. Miller, Midshipman Mustin, Mr. Austin, Vice Admiral (VADM) Mustin, Mrs. Miller, Secretary Ball, Representative Brennan, Representative Gallegly, Rear Admiral Gee, VADM Hekman, CAPT Moore, Representative Patterson, Mr. and Mrs. Haggett, Mr. Weatherbie, Mr. Patterson