Lady's manual of fancy work : a complete instructor in every variety of ornamental needle-work; including applique, bead-work, berlin-work, braiding, bobbin-work, crochet, embroidery, golden tapestry, knitting, knotting, lace-work, muslin-work, french embro'ry, netting, orne-work, patch-work, point lace, potichomanie, tap'se d'auxerre, tape-work, tatting, transferring, velvet balls, wire-work, shading and coloring, printers' marks, etc., etc., With a list of materials, and hints for their selection; advice on making up and trimming; a catalogue of articles suitable for wedding, birthday, and new year gifts; and a glossary of French and German term used in needle-work, not to be found in any dictionary. The whole being a complete lexicon of fancy needle-work