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  • Picture of Captain Matthew McDowell, who owned the "D" boats of the Mosquito Fleet, which played a large part in the settling of Des Moines. The seven steamboats were named Defiance, Dauntless (two vessels), Dove, Daring, Daily and Dart. MacDowell was 94 when this picture was taken.
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    Photograph, b&w
    The Des Moines Historical Society photographic collection was scanned with an image type of "color photo" or "black & white photo" using an Epson photo scanner. Resolutions used generally were 720 dpi (10" x 12"), 1200 dpi (3" x 4" and 5" x 8") or 1600 dpi (for smaller pictures), and saved as TIFF images. Using Adobe Photoshop 7.0, images were reduced to a size of three inches on the long side, and the image numbers were added. The Des Moines Historical Society retains the original scanned files. For exact information on this image and others in the database, contact the Historical Society
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