• Creator
  • Bernardi, Susan R.
  • Created Date
  • ca. 1906
  • Description
  • Handwritten in album: A hair seal, plentiful all the year in Bering Straits. As many as 75 are caught in 1 day. The small boy's and men's hunting trousers are made of the skin with hair on. Without the hair waterproof boots and suits are made. The hunter carrys snow shoes, a gun, a walking stick and claws of a seal which he uses to imitate the scratching of a seal as a decoy to draw other seals in. PH Coll 49.17.
  • Format
  • Photograph
    Silver gelatin
    3 1/2 x 4 1/2 in.
    Scanned from a photographic print using a ScanMaker 6800 at 100-175 dpi in JPEG format at compression rate 3 and resized to 768x600 ppi. 2008