Firefighters and their families at Fire Station No. 2, 2023 Taylor Street. Date 12/00/1972. L-R row 1: Suciu boy, Christina M. Weber, unknown, Melissa Taylor, Kathleen S. Weber, Pattee girl, Jeff Pattee, Joseph A. Weber, unknown. L-R row 2: Mrs. Suciu, Mrs. Weber holding Andrew A. Weber, Mrs. O'Steen, Judy Taylor holding Patrick, Santa (William Workman). Rest of row unknown. L-R row 3: Shane Taylor, unknown, Melanie & Jennifer Green, Marylou Green, Richard Pattee, Mrs. Pattee, Mrs. Adair, unknown, unknown, Michael Suciu, Richard W. Taylor. L-R row 4: Thomas Butler, Robt. O'Steen, Paul Green, Steven Smethers, Glen Adair, Dan Hudson, Roland Hite