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May 25, 2011

Press: “free to all”

“We need a mechanism to start building, in an iterative fashion … on open-source code base, with metadata that is as open as we can make it, the materials openly available, and always ‘free to all’.”

May 25, 2011

Press: “More on the Digital Public Library of America”

“Essentially, the thought is that the front-end of a digital collection no longer needs to be intrinsically tied to the back-end. Archives can select, acquire, and preserve objects, while libraries/museums can handle discovery and access, creating overlapping, dynamic collections that pull objects from archives.”

May 24, 2011

Press: “Strength in Unity”

“Based on following the listserv, there has been a lot of energy, which can sometimes seem to be more heat than light, invested in the determination of the definition of each individual word in that name–Digital, Public, Library, and I swear, sometimes even America.”

May 24, 2011

Press: “Advancements in technology make it increasingly possible for us to establish a digital Canadian library.”

“The Digital Public Library of America has some pretty big supporters examining the possibility of creating a digitized library for the United States, while Europeana, backed by the European Commission, provides a portal to 15 million digital works from institutions in many EU member states.”

May 23, 2011

Press: “Designing a DPLA for everyone”

From Nate Hill: “I’m writing about all of this here because I think the grand, idealistic, unifying schemes of Neurath can be informative in the design process for the Digital Public Library of America.”

May 23, 2011

Press: “A Point-Counterpoint on the Digital Public Library of America”

“The Digital Public Library of America initiative, led by the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University, has been gaining steam and has elicited a lively debate on the DPLA’s discussion listserv about how any such institution should be constituted.”

May 23, 2011

Press: “Library Journal site carries forking debate between DPLA and LibraryCity—and now here’s a suggested compromise”

From David Rothman: “I myself am very open to a compromise on forking. The DPLA could agree to do the fork in X number of months and meanwhile be more open about its activities, especially in regard to the Steering Committee and other gatherings, both the in-person and virtual varieties.”

May 23, 2011

Press: “It’s all about the Benjamin, Benjamin Franklin and the DPLA”

“And with this thought, who better to take on the role of patron of our DPLA then Benjamin Franklin? We’re all familiar with the quote attributed him at the signing of the Declaration of Independence, ‘We must, indeed, all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.'”

May 23, 2011

Press: “What Should a Digital Public Library of America Look Like?”

“The public library may be one of this nation’s most important cultural and civic institutions. Yet it faces a number of threats – budget crises at the state and local level and the shift in the publishing industry from print to digital books. Of course, the library is more than just a repository for books – paper or otherwise.”

May 23, 2011

Press: “DPLA Announces Beta Sprint”

From Robert H. McDonald: “The Digital Public Library of America announced today their Beta Sprint. I was just at a meeting with this group in Amsterdam and I am very intrigued by this type of community outreach within their planning process.”

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