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July 15, 2011

Press: “Maura Marx: A Renaissance Woman in the Digital Stacks”

“As the executive director of the Open Knowledge Commons, Marx is currently working with a wide assortment of library professionals, computer experts, authors, publishers, educators, government representatives, private industry, cultural organizations, and others as they pull the Digital Public Library of America into being.”

July 13, 2011

Press: “A Conference Even a Curmudgeon Enjoyed”

From Bob Berring: “But on June 16, 2011, The Future of Law Libraries Conference at the Harvard Law School gave me new hope. John Palfrey and his staff, with special nods to Meg Kribble, put on a stimulating, provocative and, well, classy event.”

July 11, 2011

Press: “Update on the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA)”

From Ben Alper: “Since we’ve discussed this exciting initiative in the past, I thought I’d update readers of this blog on the status of the Digital Public Library of America.”

July 7, 2011

Press: “Thursday Threads: History and How-To of Search, DPLA Update, Searching for Jim Gray”

“With the annual meeting of the American Library Association out of the way and two major holidays (Canada Day and U.S. Independence Day) behind us, the summer can now start. My formal vacation comes next month, and I haven’t yet decided what to do with DLTJ Thursday Threads during that week.”

July 7, 2011

Press: “DPLA and its larger promise…”

From David Curry: “Over the last several months, we have been following the spirited DPLA listserve discussion on what a “Digital Public Library of America” might strive to become (and what it might presume to preclude).”

July 6, 2011

Press: “DPLA steering committee still secretive, as shown by LibraryCity’s survey of SC members of Harvard-hosted digital library initiative”

From David Rothman: “I’m dismayed that Harvard so far is tolerating the DPLA’s secrecy, especially when DPLA committee member Carl Malamud has beaten the drums again and again for government openness and was an Internet broadcasting pioneer.”

July 1, 2011

Press: “What might the DPLA end up being?”

John Palfrey’s June 30, 2011 video update on the DPLA’s progress is embedded in this blog entry.

June 24, 2011

Press: “Q. & A. with DPLA leader John Palfrey on closed meetings, the controversial P Word and other governance issues”

From David Rothman: “We’re indebted to the Digital Public Library of America, hosted by Harvard’s Berkman Center, for raising interest in the national digital library issue.”

June 21, 2011

Press: “The Digital Public Library of America”

“DPLA’s new initiative means libraries (public and academic) intend to continue to compete with Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, and Google to be readers’ one-stop shopping place for ebooks and audiobooks.”

June 21, 2011

Press: “Digital Natives Want It Now? – Never Gonna’ Happen!”

From Steve Matthew: “On May 31, I Posted Digital Natives Want It Now!, in which I linked to a YouTube video of a cute little digital native describing what she wanted in her library – NOW! I stated; Unfortunately, there won’t be a Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) in these Digital Natives’ youth.”

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