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November 2, 2011

Press: “Digital Public Library of America Complete by 2013”

“The operation is making quick progress and should have a full operational online database set up by April 2013.”

October 31, 2011

Press: “Historians, Academic Publishers, and the Ongoing Digital Publishing (R)evolution”

“During the last two weeks, two major national events exploring the frontiers of e-publishing took place on opposite coasts of the US…”

October 30, 2011

Press: “Libraries: Together or Apart”

“Distributed content might be an appealing vision even at the scale of DPLA, where a wide range of digital treasures reside at local public libraries, archives, and museums.”

October 28, 2011

Press: “DLF Presentation Monday: What a National Digital Library means for Public Libraries”

” So, enter the DPLA: a digital library mega-effort with an ambitious goal to make all of our rich cultural heritage available across the web. How will that change the activities in library spaces in rural Texan towns or neighborhood libraries in San Jose?”

October 27, 2011

Press: “The Digital Public Library of America; In the beginning…”

The development private philanthropy to fund public libraries, federal, state, regional and local support of libraries and networks, the emergence of library consortia and meta data standardization, suggest the elements needed to build the DPLA.

October 26, 2011

Press: “One Google Books To Rule Them All?”

“Enter the nonprofit alternative for bringing the world’s books online for all readers: the newly-funded Digital Public Library of America.”

October 26, 2011

Press: “DPLA: Hope and Effort”

One of the settled principles of DPLA is that access should be free at the point of the end-user.

October 25, 2011

Press: “The Digital Public Library Of America: How Would You Like To Access Online Resources?”

Kara Novak writes about the October 21 Plenary Meeting in Washington DC for

October 25, 2011

Press: “Donation will boost Harvard’s digital library project”

“The push by Harvard Law School’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society to create a large-scale digital library got a $5 million boost on Oct. 21.”

October 25, 2011

Press: “A National Digital Public Library Begins to Take Shape”

“The Digital Public Library of America doesn’t exist yet, but it’s closer to becoming a reality.”

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