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April 19, 2012

Press: “Building the Digital Public Library”

“Palfrey spoke to librarians across the country about the DPLA yesterday at the ACRL Spring Virtual Institute.”

April 17, 2012

Press: “End of an Era at OCLC: Jay Jordan Reflects on His 14-Year Tenure”

In an interview with Library Journal, Jay Jordan, OCLC CEO, mentions his interactions with the DPLA.

April 11, 2012

Press: “‘Digital Public Library of America’ Becomes the New Google Books in April 2013”

“The ‘Digital Public Library of America’ will, well, provide a Google-Books-like experience but without the hassles of lawsuits. Harvard university librarian and member of the DPLA steering committee Robert Darnton recently made a ‘promise’ that the project would launch in April of 2013.”

April 8, 2012

Press: “BHL featured in Digital Public Library of America Hackathon”

“BHL is one of the first key data sets that is being used in the test bed for the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA). Not sure what the DPLA is? Well, it’s a bold initiative to create a large scale digital library for the United States and the world.”

April 5, 2012

Press: “American digital public library promised for 2013”

“Darnton, who represents Harvard, said that the idea behind the library is to make America’s ‘cultural heritage accessible, free of charge, to all of our countrymen and women, in fact to everyone in the world.'”

April 5, 2012

Press: “Nonprofit ‘Digital Public Library Of America’ To Launch In April 2013”

“Enter the Digital Public Library of America, which aims to create a similar catalog of works, but both more comprehensive and unimpeded by commercial motives. It’s been in the works for a while, but it seems it may finally launch as early as a year from now.”

April 4, 2012

Press: “Darnton Makes the Case for DPLA at Columbia Law”

Library Journal article describing Robert Darnton’s April 2012 talk at Columbia Law School.

April 4, 2012

Press: “Harvard librarian promises free Digital Public Library of America by 2013”

“At a talk at Columbia Law School on April 2, Harvard University librarian Robert Darnton promised that the Digital Public Library of America, a nonprofit effort to offer free access to millions of digitized books, would become a reality by this time next year.”

April 3, 2012

Press: “Robert Darnton Promises Digital Public Library by 2013”

“Scholar and Harvard University librarian Robert Darnton vowed that the Digital Public Library of America, a nonprofit, nationwide effort to digitize and offer access to millions of free, digitized books and special collections would launch by April of 2013.”

March 28, 2012

Press: “Digital Public Library of America: The Biggest Library The World Has Ever Seen?”

An article in Spring 2012 “JISC Inform” on the Digital Public Library of America, featuring an interview with Robert Darnton.

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